That. Just. Happened. {Tornado in Billings, MT!!!}

It was just another normal day at my house on June 20th. Matt was out fishing with his dad, I was home working on my computer. I walked outside to go throw Cooper the tennis ball and felt some rain drops so I got Cooper and got inside. Then within about 20 minutes the rain started coming down hard. Really hard. Then came thunder, lighting and HUGE hail. I’m talking bigger than golf balls huge. So I am watching this crazy weather outside and my street starts to look like a river. I probably could’ve rafted down my street… that much water. Then I heard something shatter. Sounded like a window so I start searching my house to see what window just busted open. Turns out it was my skylight in my bathroom and hail was coming in and so was a lot of water. So I grab a tub and all the towels I can and try to throw it in the bathroom without getting pelted with hail. Hail didn’t hit my head, but a large piece of the plastic from the skylight fell on my head so I freaked out and just shut the door. Not worth dying to save your bathroom from flooding! And my head is fine… just a bump. But really scary none-the-less.

So I get on facebook to update my status with “Holy hail/thunderstorm!!” of course. I then see my friend Kyle’s status that says “I am experiencing a tornado! It’s epic!” I was like “WHAT?! This is a tornado??” So I gave his wife a ring and he answered telling me that they are watching this tornado tear down the Metra as we speak. So that conversation didn’t last long. He had to go because he was like half a mile from this thing, trying not to die!! They were recording the tornado on their flip camera and it has been on almost every news station locally and nationally… they are our little celebrities now. Here is the link to their video. Andrea is our little hero for getting such amazing footage of this thing! Excuse her language… she was just a tad on edge due to a TORNADO BEING RIGHT NEXT TO HER! lol-  Tornado in Billings

So this whole time I am wondering where the heck my husband is, and praying that he is safe. I heard from him about an hour after the tornado and they were totally fine. They just got a little rain and some lighting on  the river. They had no idea what had happened and were shocked while driving home seeing what damage it had done. Here is some of the damage. For more pictures and videos click here: Hot 101.9 – Tornado on Blog.

Praise God that this didn’t hit a residential area and that it hit on the Sunday while the metra was empty.

There are a lot of people here counting their blessings, it could’ve been a lot worse.

June 23, 2010 - 9:17 am

Tamara - Wow!! Our little Idaho tornado wasn’t anything like this. We lucked out and it floated into the mountains before it did any real damage.

I’m glad everyone was okay.

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