Friday FAQ & Partnercon Recap… {Billings MT Lifestyle Photographer}

I don’t have time to write a huge blog post today… just want to share a video I made of my recent trip to New Orleans for the Partnercon Convention. It was Ahhh-mazing.

Here is just a small hint of what it is like…

Partnercon {New Orleans} 2010 from Tracy Moore on Vimeo.

And for my Friday FAQ this week (Thank goodness for my iPad, I wrote this all on the plane and it saves me a lot of time!)

This question is from Andrea from California:

Do you shoot auto white balance or custom?

Until recently it was a always in awb, but when i went to Kenny Kim and Ray Santana’s workshop in Miami (which i will be blogging about soon i swear) they taught us all about manually choosing your white balance by simply changing Kelvin in your camera.

Here is a little cheat sheet on what the typical temperatures for your camera are in these situation:

Outside sunny 5200-5500
Overcast 5800-6500
Indoor tungsten light 2800-3200
Fluorescent 3700-4400
I am still learning how to perfect this. Sometimes while I am shooting the light will change if my subjects move just a little and I’ll forget to change my white balance, then those images will be a little cool or warm, but I shoot in raw and those images can easily be changed warmer or cooler in post processing, but it is so much better to get it right in your camera so you don’t have to say “oh, I’ll just fix that in Photoshop later. Sooooo much better.
Like i always say in my faq posts, my way is not necessarily the right way, but it’s working for me and when people ask me questions, I will answer!

This question is from Anna:
I totally blog stalk you and always see that you are traveling all over for work! seems like you go to every convention there is… If you could only afford to go to one, which would it be? Oh, and What was your favorite trip this year?

Haha, I am so honored I have a blog stalker!:)I have gone quite a few places this year. I feel so blessed to be able to travel and learn and make great friends along the way.  I definitely don’t go to every convention there is though… that would be insane.  I have been to 5 conventions and 2 workshops this year. I attended imaging USA, wppi, Escalate,  Skips summer school & just recently… Partnercon.

They were all so amazing in different ways and it’s realllly tough to choose a favorite! I feel like if you want to learn about new technology, albums and things like that- for sure go to WPPI. It’s huge and overwhelming but amazing. Great classes, great people.

Escalate, Skips & Partnercon are all smaller and way more intimate and I loved that. I got to meet so many people and have remained great friends with a lot of them. Escalate is put on by Dane Sanders and he is a wonderful person who put together a great lineup of speakers and I loved being there. Skips Summer School rocked my world and I love any chance I get to go to Vegas! Skip is such a great guy. An awesome group of people and amazing speakers there too. Partnercon was probably my favorite. The convention and classes were amazing, but just the vibe, the place, the food, the friends and everything about it was incredible. Jim Collins and the Pictage crew are just the coolest people ever and they make sure everyone is taken care of, learns a lot and has the time of their lives.

So, I hope that helped! Any convention you go to will be great, you just have to put yourself out there, meet new people and actually put into practice what you learn. As far as workshops- choose a photographer you LOVE and who’s work you really admire. Workshops are great and you will learn so much, so fast and it will most likely bring your work to a whole new level.

Happy Friday everyone! And a reminder, the big charity event is TOMORROW! Make sure you come and support it! Details below…

November 20, 2010 - 1:39 am

rachel - you’re uber famous if you have a blog stalker. yikes here i am doing the same thing.
i like your wb tips p.s.

November 20, 2010 - 9:31 pm

Tracy Moore Photography - Haha, no- not famous!- Glad you liked the tips! :)

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