Steve-O is in Billings! Hanging out on the Big J Show this morn…

Today was swell. Ever since I’ve been on this Mad Men marathon, I guess I say swell a lot now. Anywho… my day started super early with packing up all my gear to take over the the 101.9 studio to take some video and pics of Steve-O’s interview. I was super excited to meet him- I’m a big fan of Wildboyz and Jackass and it was so cool to be able to hang with him for a little bit!! It was almost more awesome to have made my brothers totally jealous. Muahaha. Al Jackson was there too, he’s also an awesome comedian and he’ll be at the show here in Billings too!

Not gonna lie… I was a little bit starstruck.;)He’s a pretty cool dude and made me laugh a lot. He’s got a sweeeet laugh- very contagious. Jason had him on for almost an hour so we got to hear all about his crazy life. Past, present & future. He’s got a pretty amazing story. To go from being very addicted to drugs & partying to becoming totally sober and a hardcore vegan too. Super encouraging. And he can surf while doing a headstand. Crazy.

Anyways… he’s got 4 shows. I think they are all sold out except for tomorrow at 7pm if I’m not mistaken. It’ll be an awesome show. Get your tickets here:

I’ll be taking pictures at the 7pm show tomorrow! See you there!!

Have an awesome weekend everyone! Oh… and go buy a Mega Millions Lottery ticket… huge drawing tonight in case you didn’t hear it ALL over the news!:)

Al, myself & Steve-O!

The boys who make it happen with Al: (Lucas, Big J & Wayne)Steve-O signing the wall of fame at the 101.9 Studio. The boys with the Boss man, Kyle! Nice photo bomb Wayne & Lucas.;)J doing his thang!Handsome boys!McLovin with Steve-O. He was starstruck too.;)

Jason, and the 101.9 team… thanks SO much for letting me hang out with you guys this morning. It was a total blast and I adore you all!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

::xoxo:: – T

Check out a sneak peek of the interview here:

March 30, 2012 - 3:42 pm

McLovin - You rock Tracy! Thanks for coming up. We are so grateful!

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