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    There’s a really sneaky way to cut the whole line on the Pirates of the
    Caribbean ride at Disneyland. If you want to know it… come with me.

    My family is pretty into board games, that’s one of my favorite things to do when I go back and visit. Except for Monopoly… that always ends badly.

    One of my dreams is to cage dive with great white sharks.
    I want to look one straight in the eye.

    I’m notorious for starting random dance parties at stressful times to lighten the mood a little.

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Being a Role Model {And forgetting I am one…}


I had 2 amazing conversations yesterday with two women I really look up to.

It got me thinking about so many things. Life, love, God, being a good example, using my voice for a purpose, being passionate, being held accountable while doing the same for others too.

I am not perfect. Far from it. I make mistakes everyday. I was raised a Christian and have always believed in God but it’s something I don’t talk about much, and I’m not really sure why. My relationship with God goes up and down constantly. Sometimes it’s great. I feel different, more fulfilled, happier, like I am literally a light in this world. Other times, I don’t even think about that. I think about work, having fun, getting attention on social media, being the best photographer, and other insignificant things.

I forget that I am role model. I forget that people watch what I do… very closely. Young girls follow my social media accounts. They listen to my words and watch my actions. They hear me when I say a bad word, or when I say something negative. I should know this… but I forget it often. I had many great role models when I was in middle & high school. They shaped my life more than they know. I haven’t talked to them in years, but I will never forget the love they showed me, the advice they gave me, and the positive influence they had on my life. Amy, Shannon, Angie… thank you. Love you girls.

I want to be that way for the young girls (and everyone) I encounter everyday. I want to be someone they remember as positively influencing them and making them feel that they are worthy, beautiful, loved, and needed.

This is turning out to be quite a personal blog post… all I planned on blogging today was a Christmas special for my business.;)Oh well!

I have to apologize to the people I have disappointed, and to everyone who I have not been my best self around.

Some of you know this as I have blogged about it in the past… but my Dad is an alcoholic. He has been sober for 18 years now. I am SO proud of him. However, over the past 5 years, I saw myself headed down the exact road that he traveled. I got WAYYYY too good at drinking and it affected so many aspects of my life. It sucks… but I finally had to admit that I am not a normal drinker. Just can’t handle it. I am just like my Dad when it comes to alcohol, and I knew I had to stop before it ruined my life. There were a lot of fun times in the beginning, but it slowly started getting darker and darker. I talked to my dad about it and he was so supportive & understanding. I have many good memories of my Dad playing barbies and taking me on car rides when I was young… but I also have a lot of terrible memories. Lots. I remember when he got sober he always brought his AA chip (I called it a magic coin) home and I loved playing with it and sharing the joy in his recovery.

I just went to Colorado to see my family for Thanksgiving and was spending some time with my dad.  I told him that the next day would be 6 months for me without drinking and he lit up with joy. I joked and said “So… 6 months Dad! Don’t I get one of those chips or something?!” He got really excited and said “Yes!! Oh princess, that just means the world to me. It would mean so much to me if you came to a meeting with me… you can get your chip there!” I never expected to go to an AA meeting, but I was curious and I wanted that little magic coin… I’m so easily bribed.  So off we went. I was scared, nervous, felt like I didn’t belong and didn’t want to talk to anyone. But I sat down, listened, opened my heart and mind and when the lady running the meeting asked who had been sober for 6 months, I paused… then raised my hand. I walked to the front of the room, got a big hug and finally got my little blue chip. This may seem silly to some of you and that’s okay. It was a really special moment for me. I still have friends who laugh when I tell them I have a drinking problem. They don’t think I do. It’s okay. They only saw the fun part of my drinking, they didn’t see what happened after the fun.


That was a tough to type out. This is probably my most vulnerable, open & honest blog post I’ve ever written. But I feel like it’s something that should be shared, and people shouldn’t be ashamed to talk about it, or to ask for help. People that don’t understand this struggle probably never will, and that’s okay. But if this post can help one person to be honest with themselves & others, I’ll be very grateful.

Back on the role model subject… it’s rough to be in the spotlight, but it’s also an honor. It’s a gift that should be used wisely and cautiously. We are all looked up to by someone. We all have a voice. We can all be a great role model. So my advice to myself and all of you…

Forgive yourself, move on from your past. Know that you can do better, be better, and cause a ripple effect of good in the world. Be a worthy role model, and be there for those that need you. We all make mistakes. We do dumb things, we lie, we drink too much, we cuss, we’re greedy, selfish & conceited… but we can all strive to be better people. We’ll keep failing, but we’ll keep trying. We should find friends & loved ones that hold us accountable and make us want to be better people. We all have the power to make a difference in someones life.

Thank you to all my friends who are there for me no matter what. Who helped me through the hardest times in my life and supported me during the best. I love you more than you’ll ever know!!!


Here’s to being a light, and sharing the love…




Taryn & Levi {Costa Rica Engagement Shoot}

Taryn & Levi had a trip planned to Costa Rice for quite some time as a little pre-wedding getaway. As we were talking about their engagement pictures she came up with an awesome idea… we’d join them on their vaca and shoot engagement pictures in one of the most amazing places in the world!

I was counting down the days, and before I knew it, we were on the plane headed to Central America.

We had SO much fun with these two. We got to explore, zip line, relax in the hot springs, go down the longest water slide ever, surf, kayak, fish, eat delicious food, boogey board, and enjoy some of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen.

Taryn is beautiful, funny, driven, kind, and she laughs at my jokes… and takes as many selfies as I do. We had way too much fun together. Levi is a little quiet when you first meet him… but it doesn’t take long for him to open up and crack some hilarious jokes. He loves the outdoors, fishing, and playing competitive solitaire on his iPad. Sorry I beat you… am I still the high score?;)

Together… they are perfect. They love each other like crazy and it was a blast getting to spend time with them and share a ton of unforgettable adventures together.

Thanks you two for letting us join you on this amazing journey! When are we going back?!;)

Enjoy the sneak peek…

Hope. Love. Dream. Workshop! More options added! (Billings Missoula Photography Workshops)

The 2-day early bird tickets are sold out, but we still have early bird spots open for Day 1 in Billings & Missoula!! Price will go up very soon, so get it now!

Also, a few of you couldn’t make it to the workshop, or wanted a beginner option, or have asked to shoot with me, get some mentoring & photo critiques… so I added 6 new options! I’m only doing a small amount of each, at a REALLY great price so I could help you out AND reach my goal for this project!

Please message me if you have any questions! Go to the link here: to get in!

The new options are listed and described below:

1. A beginner photography workshop on 1/24/15 in Billings from 9am-1pm. Designed for beginner photographers who can’t seem to figure out that fancy DSLR camera. We’ll go over all the different shooting modes, the basics of photography, lighting, tips to improve your images and more!

2. Our “Bella Foto Workshop” has also been added! This will be on 1/31/15 from 9am-3pm and is limited to only 6 people. This is geared towards Mom’s who want to take better pictures of their kiddos & family. A DSLR camera is preferred, but not a necessity. You’ll learn the basics of ISO, Aperture & Shutter Speed. You’ll also learn how to use your camera properly to shoot like the pros!

3. A 1 hour mentoring session with me: $99 (Only 10 spots)
**If you are out of town, we can skype. If you are in town we’ll meet at my studio, go over anything you’d like (business, marketing, shooting, pricing, posing, getting clients, etc) If you are a beginner, we can play with your camera the whole time and I’ll teach you how to use that thing! Ask me anything!**

4. A 90 min mentoring, shooting with me & image critique: $199 (only 5 spots) **We can split this up into 2 days. One 45 minute skype call or in person meeting, where we go over anything you’d like! The 2nd part will be hands on shooting & image critique**

5. Come with me on a photo shoot, or I’ll assist you on yours! We’ll go over all my shooting techniques (lighting, camera settings, posing, etc). After, we’ll sit down and go through your images together: $249 (only 5 spots)

6. An 8×10 matted & signed print of the eiffel tower that I will take in Paris this Spring when my Mom and I are fulfilling our dream! $25. (Print can be picked up in Billings or will be mailed in April 2015)

There you go! Lots to choose from!

Thanks again SOOOOO much to everyone that is helping our dream come true. When I was with my Mom, Mari Price Arnett over Thanksgiving, we couldn’t stop talking about Paris. She still can’t believe it’s going to happen. Neither can I. We made a scrapbook, bought journals, wrote down our Paris bucket list, and laughed, cried and were overwhelmed with gratitude and love. Just two weeks ago I was reading my moms journal that she kept from the day the doctors told her she had breast cancer, to that last chemo treatment. My whole family was sitting around the table and we all started tearing up. It was really emotional reading her entries about fear, love, family, courage, sadness, hope & faith. The next journal she starts will be about kicking cancer’s ass and heading to Paris. All because you all are helping, supporting & encouraging our dream.

Special thanks to the amazing, talented & generous photographers who are working hard to make sure you learn a TON at these workshops. Dennis Rogers, Jackie Gannon, Jeremiah & Rachel Photography, Daniel Sullivan, Jenna Martin, Andy Austin… you guys are the best.

Also, biggest thanks of all to my friend Cindy Cieluch. Cindy… it’s hard to even express how much I adore you in a post like this. You are one of the most kind, thoughtful, talented, encouraging & strong women I’ve ever known. The journey of your mothers life in your words made me feel so many emotions. The pain you and your family felt after she went to Heaven still sits heavy on my heart. But the hope, love & joy you have makes me realize how amazing you really are. It’s because of you that all of this started. As my mom was going through chemo, you always asked how she was. And how I was. You always sent encouraging words to me. You also sent us our “Don’t wait too long” shirts. I was on the other side of the world when I found out she was diagnosed with Cancer and it was so hard… but I knew I had to be strong for her, and have hope. I opened my journal and filled a whole page with 4 words. Don’t wait too long. I then wrote a list of things I’ve always wanted to do with my mom. Things I wanted to make sure will happen. Life is too short to wait. Paris was number one. We’ll be on our way this Spring. Thank you Cindy for everything. You are more inspiring & amazing than you’ll ever know. Your mom is SO proud of you. I’ve thanked her too in my prayers… hope she knows what an impact her life made on people she had never even met.

Thank you. (Portraits for a Cause 2014)

I just want to say thank you SO much for everyone that helped, volunteered and showed up to get their pictures taken at the 5th annual Portraits for a Cause Event that helps families get pictures they couldn’t otherwise afford, and helping give Christmas to less fortunate families.

A topic came up this morning in the photography community about this event and some good points came up. I am always open to suggestions on how to improve things, so if you have any advice, let me know. I want this to keep getting better every year! One of the main concerns from other photographers is “Is this charity hurting their business by devaluing the prices of professional portraits”. In my opinion, a lot of the families come either because they could never afford a professional photographer, or just to help the cause and view this as an additional family picture on top of what they will normally do through out the year. I never want to negatively impact the profession and community I am a part of, so this is something I have been pondering all day.

I love this event. I love what we do, I love what it does to bring the community, and I love that we give people a chance to get a professional picture that they normally wouldn’t be able to get.

I also agree that this is good for my name and business too, and that will bother some people. A lot of people volunteer, but they don’t get their name blasted all over the news and radio. They do it because they want to help, whether they get credit or not. I do plenty of other things where I don’t get all the credit, and I’m fine with that. But this event is something I’ve hosted, brainstormed and put together for the last 5 years. It is so near and dear to my heart and I want it to be the best it can be. I get more credit than I deserve, and I want next year to be more about everyone involved, and not just my name. That is not the point of this.

So please email me at if you have any ideas on how to make this event even better.

All photos by Gary Luce:

I want to thank each person that helped and give them the recognition they deserve.

Kerry Chapell- She photographed like a champ, is always full of energy, and is a ball of fun.

Steph Hower- My rock… my studio manager, I would not survive without her! She edited ALL day and did an amazing job.

Marie Fourstar- Such a little cutie and a client of mine this year who helped run the Africa and Coffee table and lots of other important tasks!

Melissa Mestdagh- An awesome photographer who brought equipment to help and worked all day to make families smile. She is an amazing girl!

Ashlyn Archer- Such a sweet girl!! Helped assist the photographers and pose families and make kids smile!

Matt Thompson- My awesome hubby who ran all over town to get supplies, moved lots of tables, and setup and cleaned like a boss!

Taylor Machler- Helps every year… is such a hard worker and keeps everything in order. Thank you SO much Taylor!!!

Yardley Deigneau- An AMAZING, kind, lovely person who photographed and helped so much. Your positivity is so encouraging!

Briana Rickman- Has helped multiple years. Such a kind person, and edited tons of amazing pictures and smiled all day!

Andrea McClenning- Edited pictures all day and helped so much. She is such a wonderful person and really took the time to make sure she edited amazing pics!

Kylie Renee- Helped photograph, pose and keep everyone happy and smiling for the pictures. Thanks for helping again, girl!!!

Michelle Orourke- Always there for the event to check in the clients and make sure they know what this is all about! You are amazing, Michelle!!

Brittany Naffziger- Another wonderful photographer and incredible person who worked so hard all day and is always smiling and encouraging!

Dennis Rogers- Such a great friend, and brought lighting equipment and edited pictures. He’s always a life saver… love this guy!

Clark Montgomery- Photographed and edited all day, and even cut up a bunch of cards when he showed up early! Thank you SO much!!

Kim Corcoran- Helped pose families and keep everyone smiling, such a kind person! Thank you so much!

Melissa Oderifero- girl I love you. Thanks for being such a great friend and always there to help.

Alexandria Nieskens- This girl is organized, on it, and a crazy hard worker. I appreciate you so much and love you passion for this cause!!!

Kate Sandelin- Helped check people in and tell them what it’s all about. Kate, I love you and appreciate you so much!!!

Miranda Murdock- Came to help even though her day was packed with work and 4 kids! I love this girl and she is an angel!!!

Rhea Wholpe- Brought us doughnuts, and took time out of her busy day to help out with anything we needed. I love you Rhea!

Karlee & Kandis- Karlee painted nails to help raise money to adopt a family, and her mom Kandis helped with so many things!!

Alisia Certain- Helped pose families and worked hard to make sure the pictures were awesome. You are amazing girl!!

Steven Ladefoged- Dressed up as Buddy the Elf and escorted guests to the location. Made lots of kids smile too, Steven you rock!!

Rachael Weidlich- Helped set up and tear down and helped at the coffee table! You are amazing Rach… Love you!!

Liv Swant-Johnson- Helped edit, run around and organize families, and tons of other stuff! You are AMAZING Liv, THANK YOU!!

Dena Johnson- Helped again checking people in and selling raffle tickets and making everyone smile! You are the best, girl!!

Ted Kim- Thanks SO much for letting us us the Billings Open Studio for the location. It was amazing and you are so awesome!!

Gary Luce- thank you for taking images of the event for us! That was a wonderful surprise and so thoughtful!

Sean Graves from Hooligan’s & Montana Brewing Company for donating the iPad for the raffle item.

Big J & Mclovin for helping out yet again and being the inspiration behind this whole event. You guys are amazing, love working with you on this!!

Everyone who came and got their images taken…. THANK YOU so much, you support this whole thing and I hope you had a great experience and loved your picture(s)!!!

Sorry if I missed anyone… It’s been a long day and my brain is a little fried! But thank you to EVERYONE who had a part in this. I love you all and appreciate you more than you will ever know!


For Her. {Paris Bound to Make a Dream a Reality :: Cancer Sucks}

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. When I got the call, I was devastated. I was scared, sad, and full of emotion. I was in a foreign country when I got the call, which made it that much harder. I wanted to be close to her so bad. I needed to give her a hug and tell her everything will be okay.

Fast forward almost a year and she is done with chemo and the cancer looks like it is all gone. Thank GOD.

As I was sitting with my mom during a chemo treatment, I was reading a message that a good friend of mine sent me encouraging my mother and I to stay strong. She lost he mother to cancer and it was heartbreaking. I can’t even imagine. She sent my mother and I shirts made in honor of her mother that said “Don’t wait too long”.

I sat down and wrote in my journal and made a list of the things I wanted to do with my mom. Things I didn’t want to wait too long to do…

Paris. This has always been a dream of my moms. Taking me to Paris and having the mother-daughter adventure of a lifetime.

I decided I would make it happen. I asked around, and my friends & fellow photographers blew me away with their support. We would celebrate her chemo completion, wait for her body to get better, then surprise her with this gift!

I decided to use my gifts and the gifts of others to teach a photography workshop to raise the money for us to make this trip happen.

So… here it goes!

There will be 2 workshops. One in Missoula, MT and one in Billings, MT. We still need to work out the final details, but find out the details here:

There are only FIVE early bird spots left for the Day 1 & 2 workshop in Billings, and 8 more for Missoula, so get your seat fast!

See you there!!

Email me with any questions!

Thanks SO much to the teachers who are being so generous to share their knowledge with all of you! We have a great crew, and you will learn a TON!