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  • There is never enough chocolate, red bull, or white cheddar popcorn.

    To me, a no trespassing sign means it’s probably an awesome location for a shoot.

    I also believe a roped off slope on the mountain means there’s more
    powder for me and I don’t have to share.

    There’s a really sneaky way to cut the whole line on the Pirates of the
    Caribbean ride at Disneyland. If you want to know it… come with me.

    My family is pretty into board games, that’s one of my favorite things to do when I go back and visit. Except for Monopoly… that always ends badly.

    One of my dreams is to cage dive with great white sharks.
    I want to look one straight in the eye.

    I’m notorious for starting random dance parties at stressful times to lighten the mood a little.

    So... there's a little about me. Now I want to know about you! So let's go grab coffee...
    or even better- a meal. And by meal I mean Sushi. :)

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Carly & Greg {Goggins Wedding Sneak Peek!}


A little sneak peek at Carly & Greg’s big day…

Carly… you made the most beautiful bride ever. Greg, the way you look at Carly makes everyone around you smile.

I am so honored you guys wanted me to be there to capture all the wonderful memories!!

Enjoy the sneak peek!

Venue: St. Bernard’s (Ceremony) & Chancey’s Event Center (Reception)

Photographers: Tracy Moore, Dennis Rogers & Kerry Sandelin

Congrats again, you two.


Sizzle Reel Coming Soon! (Sneak Peek: Britney Paige Cenematographers)

We hiked to a crazy awesome location, had some falls, got sprayed by tons of water, had a silly string war, laughed way too much, and had plenty of time on the road trip to sing and dance to our favorite music.

Here is a few images I took while Britney & Ben from Britney Paige Cinematographers were filming me in action with 2 of my current senior clients, Cassie & Josie. They were filming a “Sizzle Reel” for me to show what I do and give you a sneak peek of what a senior shoot looks like with me!

I can’t wait to see what they put together!! They are incredibly talented and I am so lucky to have had them do this for me.

They make a wonderful team and they are SO much fun to work with. I can’t speak highly enough about these guys!!!

Check out some of their work here:


Some images from the shoot:

The location was beautiful!

Britney getting her gear ready… how cute is she?!

Ben getting his drone “Gus” ready to fly to get some sweet aerial footage!

Josie & Cassie being adorable as usual…

Seriously… could they BE any cuter?!

Thanks Britney Paige Cinematographers for being so great to work with… love you guys and can’t wait to see the magic you create!!


Short & Sweet Sessions, & Workshops Finally Announced!!

We are FINALLY announcing our next Bella Foto Beginner & Advanced Photography workshops!

The Beginner class will be July 27th and the advanced class will be August 3rd. Early registration is $285 instead of the normal $350 price if you go register now and get your spot!

Click here to register for the Beginner class on July 27th. Click here to register for the advanced class on August 3rd.

We are so excited to be offering these classes again! You will learn so much about how to use that fancy camera of yours and shoot like the pros! You will also get a ONE HOUR mentoring session with Tracy for FREE anytime after the workshop so you can go over the things you’ve learned and ask her anything you want!

Another fun announcement:

Never Offered before “SHORT & SWEET” Photo Sessions!!

ANY type of session you want. Kiddos, headshot, pets, family, anniversary, etc… anything goes on August 17th!

I’ll shoot whatever you want for one of these never before offered “Short & Sweet” Photo Shoots. Get info by clicking here. Limited number of spots, so hurry up!

See you soon!

Guest Blog by Steph: Senior Session Ideas

The date is set. You know how you want to wear your makeup and a friend is styling your hair. You even have your outfits chosen (for the most part): a fun, girly dress, jeans and your favorite top, a school sweater that shows off your spirit, chunky necklaces and a pair of adorable heels. We know you are going to look fabulous at your shoot. You have that down. The question is, how are you going to standout and make your session unique?

There is no doubt that you are a special, talented, fun, individual. That’s why Tracy wants your personality and spirit to shine through in your senior photos. There will be time for the standard, traditional poses and smiles (we have to make the parents and grandparents happy, too, right?), but you will also have the freedom to incorporate your hobbies, interests, and personal style into the session. Tracy wants you to have photos that showoff the true you for now and always.

Here are 5 Ways you can set yourself apart from the crowd and make your senior photos unique to YOU (I have also included photos from Tracy’s Class of 2014 as examples of how they made this possible):

1. Location, location, location! The first way to set yourself apart is by choosing an awesome session site. Go outside of the box and choose somewhere unfamiliar that no one will recognize. Or, choose a place that has special meaning to you. Try to avoid areas that you have seen photos taken 100 times before; you want to be unique, so your location should be unique, too!


2. Bring a Friend. A sure way to make your session even more fun and spontaneous is to have your best friend join in on the fun. They can help out with the shoot, put you at ease, and make it a super hilarious adventure. You will also love having a few photos with your BFF to cherish along with the memories.

3. Puppy Love.  Pets are a special and important part of your family. It makes sense to include them into a photo session that’s all about representing YOU. Whether it’s the family dog that you have shared a home with since elementary school or your hunting dogs, pets are certain to bring a smile to your face and a heartwarming flair to your photos. It’s not limited to dogs, either! Tracy has photographed horses, lizards, birds, etc. Usually if you let us know beforehand, we can find a way to bring your animals into the session in some way.

4. This one’s for you, sports fans. If you are an athlete you take pride in your abilities. You love to compete and enjoy showing your school spirit. There are many ways to incorporate your sport into the photo session, but you don’t want it to look cheesy or forced. Don’t worry, Tracy has you covered. Bring along your jersey, your medals, your school ring, your equipment, or anything else you may want to display your talents.

5. Find your passion and let it shine. Whether you love music or reading, hiking or fishing, you can bring along a piece of this passion and have it in your photos. Your smile will shine a little brighter when what makes your heart happy is nearby.


Remember, these are just a few ways to help make your session special. No matter what you do, make sure it feels natural and relaxed. Your senior photos are something to be treasured and you want to love the person they represent. Have fun, be adventurous, and most importantly, BE YOURSELF!




What’s happening…

Well… after a long wait for my blog to be fixed… I STILL can’t post images… technology is so frustrating!! So while I wait and pray it gets fixed fast… here’s and update on what’s going on!

We have officially moved our office/studio location!! We are now at 114 North Broadway, right downtown across from the Brew Pub! We are on the second level of the amazing new bridal boutique “Belle En Blanc“. We are also sharing the building with Britney Paige Cinematography, and of course the ladies that were in the studio before have moved with us too! (Kerry Sandelin, Miranda Murdock, Rhea Wolpe, and my amazing studio manager, Steph!)

I just got back from Colorado where I got to see my best friend, Tiffany say “I do” to her amazing new husband, Lucas in a beautiful mountain setting. I was the maid of honor, so no camera for me at this wedding! My adorable friend, Cali shot the wedding and I can’t wait to see the images! Tiffany was the most beautiful bride ever, and it was the perfect day.

I extended my stay a little bit to be with my Momma for her 4th round of chemo. (Only 2 more to go!!) She is doing well, and has a really great attitude about everything. My mom is such a trooper. It’s hard seeing her attached to the machines, see the needles prick her skin, and see her tired and fighting the awfulness of chemo, but I am so proud of her and love that I have a job where I can take time off and see her often.

My dad is also battling some health issues, my big brother Chad was just with him all night in the ER. He has a kidney stone and some other things going on, so keep him in your prayers too. When it rains, it pours sometimes, huh? It was so nice to see my Dad & step-dad while I was in Colorado too, we had a nice Father’s day and I am so blessed to have these men in my life.

As far as photography goes… We are booking up this summer & fall with lots of fun high school senior girls, and I am so excited for every single shoot!! I have a couple more weddings this year but as most of you know, I am only shooting a few weddings a year now, and am dedicating more time to the seniors & to my family. I love shooting weddings, that’s why I am still shooting a few a year, for brides (and grooms) that I love, and that love me… and that want a crazy, hyper, adventure lovin’ photographer!:)

For senior girls interested in booking with us this year, please go here and get us your info!

To check out our facebook page, go here and stay updated.

Email me at or call at (406) 839-4871 with questions!

Sorry for the lack of pictures! If you want to see more pictures, follow my instagram account (tracymoorephoto) where I am always uploading the latest adventures!